Canadian Marathons You Should Attend and Participate In

Marathon events in Canada are numerous, and every type of runner gets a race which suits him or her best. There are fast races, season marathons, and fun races. Discussed below are the best marathons in Canada you should not miss.

Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon

The Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon is usually held on May 26 every year. Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend is the most prominent Canadian marathon. Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend was the second in the world to host two International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) gold events; the Ottawa 10k, and the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon. Other events held here include the Ottawa 2k, Ottawa 5k, Scotiabank Ottawa Kids Marathon and Scotiabank Ottawa Half Marathon.

Cape Breton Fiddlers Run

Held on September 10, the Cape Breton Fiddlers Run is aimed at assisting in training new runners and in promoting health and fitness among community members. Although this marathon was excluded for several years, it is now back and is entirely manned by volunteers. It involves the 42k Marathon, 10k Marathon, 5 k Marathon, and the Half Marathon. Community participation in this marathon is usually encouraged.

BMO Okanagan Marathon

The BMO Okanagan Marathon is held annually in October. This race starts and ends at City Park. Kelowna, BC hosts this event, and the runners run along the flat out-and-back course. This allows the runners to enjoy the beautiful Okanagan scenery. The BMO Marathon events include the Half Marathon, 10k, 5k, and the Kids Marathon.

GMS Queen City Marathon

The Queen City Marathon is held every September and is the largest and most famous event for Saskatchewan’s provincial capital. This is a race for everyone, and the start point is the Conexus Arts Centre. Runners enjoy the view of the Wascana Lake and run around Wascana Park. The events in this marathon include the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, and the Relay.

Waterloo Marathon

This marathon occurs annually on April 28. This event is a Boston Marathon qualifier, as it is approved by Athletics Canada, USATF and the IAAF. The picturesque Full and Half Marathon are the main events, although the annual Ed Whitlock Half Marathon is also included. This marathon also provides a race for visually impaired runners and their guides. The marathons start and ending point is Bechtel Park.

Maritime Marathon

The next annual HFM Maritime Marathon is scheduled on June 14, 2020. This out-and-back race is fast, flat and a Boston qualifier marathon. It starts from Manitowoc and Two Rivers, and you enjoy the scenic views of Lake Michigan’s shoreline. The three main events offered in this marathon include the Relay, Full Marathon, and Half Marathon.

Huffin’ Puffin Marathon

This is the longest marathon in Canada. The Huffin’ Puffin Marathon has held 67 events since it was founded in 1950. Scheduled on September 22, 2019, the Huffin’ Puffin Marathon is a certified Marathon Relay and Half Marathon Boston qualifier. It also hosts the provincial marathon championship. The Huffin’ Puffin Marathon is an out-and-back marathon which starts and ends at the Bowring Park.

There are dozens of marathons in Canada. These are the best few Canadian marathon events. All types of runners are covered, and you will have a lot to enjoy in these marathons. Run in Canada to enjoy the scenic features of this beautiful country.